The Team

Allen Tomlinson

Managing Partner

David Sims

Executive Vice-President,
Creative Partner

Matt Liles

Chief Operating Officer,

Roy Hall

Office Manager

Jamie Noles

Advertising Director,
No’Ala Magazine

David Phipps

Vice President, Marketing

Rowan Finnegan


Sara Covington

No’Ala Magazine

Amy Collins

No’Ala Magazine

Sarah Gaede

No’Ala Magazine


We’ve been around awhile. That means we bring a lot of experience to the table.

We opened our doors on January 1, 1990, as a full-service advertising, public relations, marketing communications, and fulfillment company. We’ve grown since then, naturally, and we’ve gained a lot of experience along the way, but we still work with clients we had when we opened our doors. We like to think that means we must be doing something right.

The business is owned by Allen Tomlinson, David Sims, and Matt Liles. David is the Creative Partner, and oversees the creation of campaigns and projects; Allen is the Managing Partner, and oversees client relationships; Matt is the Chief Operating Officer and oversees the day-to-day business. The Partners have surrounded themselves with a bright, unbelievably creative staff – all of them fun to be around!


Florence, Alabama. With an office in Huntsville.

So, if you don’t know anything about Florence, Alabama, let us tell you about how cool it is. We’re where Muscle Shoals Music got its start, and still thrives. We’re where fashion designers Billy Reid, Natalie Chanin, and others have located their headquarters. We started doing farm-to-table dining a couple of centuries ago, before it became a “thing,” a long time before native sons W.C. Handy and Sam Phillips and native daughter Helen Keller were growing up here. We have a bustling, exciting, safe downtown, where people gather and say hello to each other and display good old Southern manners. This is a wonderful place – why wouldn’t we be located here?

Huntsville is a cool place, too. It’s where we developed the technology to put man on the moon. It’s the most educated city in the state (and pretty much the nation), with the highest per capita income in Alabama. It used to be a mill town; after they put man on the moon, it became a military town; and they are working on making it a genomic research center that will make another huge impact on the world. But the nice thing about Huntsville? It’s still a Southern town, with a rich history and a lot of interesting people.

There are three major good reasons why you should deal with a marketing agency in North Alabama. First, we’re good. We live in the heartland, and we know how to sell to people in the heartland. We think our work speaks for itself, and you can check out our portfolio collection here.

Secondly, we’re a lot less expensive than our counterparts in Atlanta, Birmingham, or New York City. The cost of living here is low, and we pass that right along to our clients. People think we’re a bargain; but what we really represent is an excellent return on your marketing dollar.

Thirdly, we’re a little more relaxed. The climate is not too cold and not too hot. The Tennessee River is within walking distance. If you come here, we’ll take you to one of the best restaurants in the south, feed you a gourmet meal, help you experience the magic that is Muscle Shoals Music, and spend less doing it than you could ever imagine.

We could live anywhere. We choose to live in North Alabama. The only downside that we can see to life here is that there isn’t any valet parking.

But we’re working on that.


P.S.: Want to know more about North Alabama? You should pick up a copy of No’Ala Magazine! Click here and read a little about it.